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Aug 25, 2013 8:00pm PDT
detroit tomorrow for a four game go- round. kiwis to face off against oracle emirates team new zealand zipped through a thick fog and past italy's luna rossa again capturing the louis vuitton cup challenger series 7-1. they advance to take on archrival and defending champion oracle team usa in the america's cup. the best-of-17 final starts sept 7. >> it was foggy! the most places will be also foggy but clearing by 10:00 a.m. >> that will be at see you at 11 n who is tv's highest paid star? >> and is the big band cast banding together for a big raise? >> and here in l.a., i'm rob marciano. >> counting down the celebrities cashing in. who's earning primetime's biggest paychecks? are the big bang theory stars about to jump to the top of the list? >> living inside of j.lo's estate for six days. her alleged stalker caught camped out inside her home. >>> after oprah's number one movie, et's exclusive with the real life butler's son. >> i remember how proud i was. >> his only interview, what he really thinks about lady o playing his mom. >>> did lindsay lohan lie to oprah? >> what
Aug 28, 2013 8:00pm PDT
first games in detroit, go figure! >> reporter: bottom second bottom second four runs and five hits. rockies starter during a no-hitter through six and struck out buster posey. a double play but still a no no. giants to rallying for three runs in the eight the but the rockies win 524. >> reporter: blank the call tonight but the story is outfielder was benched in the middle of the game after the fourth ending for lack of physical play. watching him put the crowd. but after that manley did pull him out. kinney shoe maker with a better chance to win and they did win. >> reporter: taking a look at them latest issue of sports illustrated he has been on espn and of course of your 90s and-fan he looks so good at times/year is easy to forget he made just 10 career starts. >> he is a person that studies the gaining very impressed with how he goes about his job. he takes on a great responsibility as a quarterback. very much an acquisition of data want to know all of the details. some of the co-chair more oracle to come last. >> reporter: that's was going on in december. joseph blackwell in fa
Aug 5, 2013 8:00pm PDT
'underwear-bomb' plot airliner approaching detroit on christmas day. and a 2010 plot to send bombs in printer-cartridges in cargo- planes bound for the u-s. >> reporter:both plots were foiled at the last minute. in 2009, al-asiri even planted a bomb on his own brother-- in his underwear or a body-cavity. >> reporter:the brother got close to saudi arabia's counter-terror chief and set it off-- killing himself, but not the saudi minister. >>he is absolutely ruthless. but not only is ibrahim al- asiri absolutely ruthless, he is, according to leading explosive experts in the west, really good at what he does. he's produced the most sophisticated devices ever seen from al qaeda." >> reporter: last year u-s officials say, al-asiri was behind another foiled plot to send another bomb in the underwear of a terrorist, on a commercial plane bound for the u-s. >>"it was a new type of explosive that we had never seen in either attempts in the u-s or around the world by terrorists. so all of our explosive-detection equipment wasn't calibrated to detect that." >> reporter:"john pistole said that dev
Aug 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
degrees through santa rosa and a look at your extended forecast. a dramatic cool down. >> pam: detroit with the a's and alsoat soggy comerica park. nobody out jason coming up with sports. >> welcome back everyone. detroit at soggy comerica park. top 1st, no score jed lowrie flips one to right off justin verlander coco crisp and josh donaldson score 2 rbi doublebottom 1st, 2-2 tie omar infante ground one to second off tommy milone and it goes under the glove of albert callaspo miguel cabrera scores tigers take 3-2 lead millone: 5 innings, 3 runs, 3 hits top 5th, 3-3 tie brandon moss crushes a home run to deep left his 22nd of the year a's take the lead 5-3 seth smith added a home run the next inning tarp has come out in the top 6th: 6-3 a's a's have the bases loaded nobody out according to a report in forbes magazine, the astros are the most profitable team in major league baseball history. the same astros who are on pace to finish with the worst record in baseball forthe team projects to have an operating income of $99 million dollars, more than the last 6 world series champions combin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4